Image may contain: 1 person, plant, close-up and outdoorLiam Menzies (@blnkclyr) – Founder, Editor + Writer

Writing started off as a hobby for me back in 2012, covering some of my favourite acts whenever I got the spare time. Five years later and it’s impossible for me to stop myself from doing it, taking any spare moment to check out a new track. My specialty genre-wise has to be hip-hop, undoubtedly the most creative and exciting breeding ground for music, but I’ll honestly listen to anything as long as it isn’t generic indie rock. I might post memes far too often on my Twitter but I promise that I’m a competent music journo. 

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Gregor Farquharson (@gregoratlantic) – Writer

Music for me has always been a passion and recently having developed an interest for writing, I decided to write about music. As far as genres are concerned, anything goes really, but my favourite has got to be pop punk. As an inspiring music journo, I hope you enjoy my work!

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 Ryan Martin (@ryanmartin182) – Writer

I’ve lived in New England my whole life. In middle school, my love for music began through the explosive sound of punk rock and hip-hop that kicked my former love for comedy and classic rock out the door. I haven’t strayed far from those genres today, as my favorite genres would have to be alternative hip-hop and emo with some of my favorite artists being Run the Jewels, Danny Brown, Pinegrove, and Joyce Manor. I’m an amateur screenwriter and also publish my musical thoughts on my personal blog ‘’ which has been running since 2015.

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