TRACK REVIEW – Sorry by Nothing But Thieves

By Oliver Butler (@notoliverbutler)

Nothing But Thieves certainly have been busy this year, whilst finishing and preparing to release their second album, Broken Machine, they’ve been taking the covers off a few new bangers at their numerous gigs and festival appearances across the world, and with the debut of their brand new track Sorry on Annie Mac today, their momentum shows no sign of slowing.

That being said, this song is an emotional slow jam, and as the title suggests, it’s a song that really hits you at your core, not so much pulling at your heart strings, but instead grabbing your heart and wrenching it. In parts, seemingly like a love letter to a love lost, Sorry hits all the right notes as Conor Mason’s instantly recognisable voice croons over slow emotional chords at the start, picking up the pace into the second verse, where he ‘broke your heart so carelessly’, and ‘made the pieces part of me’. Damn.

The chorus is probably the best part of the song, and is incredibly self-aware for anyone who’s loved, lost and regretted, with the lyrics ‘maybe I’m defective, or maybe I’m dumb, I’m sorry, so sorry for what I’ve done’ striking you at your core. When debuted at Glastonbury, this song seemed like a bit of a slow starter due to the makeup of it, but when plugged into your ears, drinking in nothing but (wahey!) a lament-filled jam, you really appreciate what this song is. It’s weepy, it’s emotional, but above all, it’s a quality song, something that’s par for the course when Nothing But Thieves drop a new track.

The light, airy feel to this track does little to dissuade the emotional pain the lyrics cause, but the sound is very much the DNA of Nothing But Thieves, with a fantastic rising solo/bridge towards the end tying the song off nicely. Whilst others may offer their tuppence in another direction, it’s really hard to fault this track. There’s not a lot you could do to improve it, apart from not letting it kick you square in the soul.

Sorry is a fantastic little track, and, if is indicative of the standard of Broken Machine, one of the best albums of 2017 could likely be dropping in September.








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