So Far, So Good? Neck Deep tracks REVIEWED

By Gregor Farquharson (@Gregoratlantic)

Being relatively quiet since the release of their sophomore LP Life’s Not Out To Get You, though not that frontman Ben got the memo, Neck Deep have announced their next offering The Peace, The Panic, set to release on August 18thThe angsty Welsh rockers have made sure to appease fans for the year and a bit wait with not one but two new tracks, debuting last night on Radio One. With the record set to channel themes of depression, life and politics, it’s time to put these songs underneath the microscope and see what they’re made of.

Where Do We Go When We Go

Opening with little children singing a rhyme, channeling a wee bit of Bring Me The Horizon’s new pop-rock sound, this cut off the new LP seems to mark a different approach to the band’s sound. The song dives straight into a catchy riff before lead vocalist Ben Barlow’s vocals kick in: the chorus is classic Neck Deep, a total earworm that was crafted from the ground up to be sung live. The second verse is, again, pleasing to the ear, with unique drumming from Dani Abasi. The use of faded guitars into isolated vocals works well on the track, with the feel of the track being an overall happy vibe. In addition to this, there’s a lot of classic pop punk elements (menacing bridge and huge breakdown? Check) which thankfully don’t come off as too tired. The track is an insane comeback track and is a true reflection of who Neck Deep are, yet also showing a slight change to previous work.


Happy Judgement Day

Opening with a classic pop punk riff and some clapping, it is obvious this song is made to be catchy and be stuck in your head. The feel of the opening verse feel they could easily be slotted into anywhere in the band’s previous work, but this doesn’t take away from the track at all. The buildup to the chorus is well executed and the chorus itself is gigantic with Barlow’s vocals being very well utilised. The second verse is fairly similar to the first, spouting a more serious vibe in the vocals with the lyrics touching on political territory which is something the band are yet to touch upon. Again, the bridge of this track is Neck Deep through and through, and a distant shout of “come on!” blends perfectly into the breakdown. The final chorus is massive sounding, showing us the band are in no way lost going into the future.








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