By Liam Menzies (@blinkclyro)

Moose Blood are sort of a big deal right now. As the band made their way onto the stage at Glasgow’s Garage, an established club and venue in its own right, the place was swiftly filled with a flash flood of neon pink lights, the same of which adorns the act’s sophomore effort Blush. Touring to promote said album with friends Boston Manor, Turnover and Luca Brasi, Moose Blood have grown exponentially since their debut record I’ll Keep You in Mind From Time To Time certified them as one of the most promising up and coming acts the UK had to offer.

This accolade that fans and critics have praised Moose Blood with was justified after tonight’s proceedings with one of the most emotionally charged performances Garage has ever seen. The band have shown themselves to be pretty efficient at dishing out an anthem or two and as soon as they crack out with Blush opener Pastel, an already packed venue was as active as ever with the staple crowd-surfing that a band of this calibre are sure to bring out of people.

The contrasting aesthetics of the band’s two records, their debut being glum and somewhat aggressive whilst Blush has a summer time, glitzy sheen to it, never makes the gig feel like it’s jarring or sluggish. Tracks regardless of what album they appeared on seem to flow immaculately despite how much progression Moose Blood have made and from the bitter sweet pop style of Honey to the emo rock/pop punk banger that is Pups, every song that makes an appearance results in a scream of approval from the crowd and subsequent crying when the all too relatable lyrics rear their heads.

Things didn’t slow down until seven songs into the set when the breathtakingly melancholic Cherry made an appearance. As frontman Eddy Brewerton sings of half smoked smokes and half filled rooms, it’s safe to say that while his love of cigarettes is up in the air, the entirety of Garage singing along to one of the band’s most personal tracks is enough to show that the latter is and always will be a distant memory for Moose Blood.






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