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ALBUM REVIEW: Pup – The Dream Is Over

In the same way that it’s near impossible to find a Californian punk act who don’t sing about drugs, so to is difficult to talk about PUP’s sophomore album without falling into a cliche that every review has fell into by addressing this album’s title: after visiting a specialist, frontman Stefan Babcock was bluntly told “the […]

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TRACK REVIEW: The Strokes – Oblivius

New York’s finest return with a satisfying end to their three year absence The Strokes have now returned with a new track which will appear on their forthcoming EP ‘Future Past Present’, which is due to be released on the 3 rd June on frontman Julian Casablancas’ own Cult Records label. For many fans, the release of […]

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TRACK REVIEW: Biffy Clyro -Animal Style

In an interview with DIY, bearded rocker and frontman Simon Neil stated “I don’t think we’ve ever just wanted to be a routine band – you know, reliable old Biffy Clyro! We’d rather be completely unreliable and have people think we’ve lost the plot”. Given the material that has been released thus far from their […]

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GAME REVIEW: Ratchet + Clank (2016)

14 years after their debut, Playstation’s shiniest and furriest duo return in one of the greatest remakes ever. “Fan favourites Ratchet and Clank are back. Can they repeat the same magic we saw during our last competition?” says an overly enthusiastic commentator during your hoverboard race on Rilgar, unintentionally harking back to the great platformer […]

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So Chvrches have released a new song, cool right? Right. The new track, Warning Call, is being released as the theme for the video game sequel ‘Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst’. Now, I’ve never played the original Mirrors Edge but- a lot of people have. It’s an incredibly well known and well loved game as well as being a […]

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