TRACK REVIEW: Moose Blood – Honey

It’s nice to see that the success of their hit debut I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time and extensive touring hasn’t clouded the minds of  Kent emo act Moose Blood. The boys are well aware of the challenge ahead, stating in their Radio 1 interview that “it’s really difficult for the second record, you put a little bit more pressure on yourselves to make it live up to your standards”.

Thankfully the band aren’t striving for mainstream radio recognition, Eddy Brewerton admitted Honey was never intended to be a single, though the insane catchiness of the track would make you think otherwise. The same combination of American Football’s apathetic lyrics and Brand New’s slick songwriting that the band pride themselves on is still present though the sound has definitely went through an evolution of sorts.

While IKYIMFTTT wasn’t boring by any means, the moments of high octane, loud and broody emo rock were outweighed by the minimalistic and sombre heartfelt tracks that make up the majority of that record. Here, we have a song that hammers a messy, emotional chorus into your head with ease, definitively making good on that potential Moose Blood have shown time and time again when it comes to making great catchy tunes: it seems almost coincidental that they’d release such an anthem the day before they announce a new batch of UK tour dates.

If Honey is anything to go by, it seems like Moose Blood are set to make a smooth transition when Blush hits store shelves on August 5th. Hopefully they’ll keep that second album curse at bay.

So what do you make of this track? Let me know what you think in the comments down below and follow this blog for more news and reviews.






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