A new year means new stuff: new music, new site and NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! 2015 was a pretty great year for music (check my favourite albums of last year for further proof). 2015 was also a pretty good year for me and this site. Not only did we find a new home on WordPress but we […]

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That new Vampire Weekend album you’ve been waiting patiently for might be pushed back further with the recent release of multi instrumentalist and producer Rostam Batmanglij’s new single EOS. EOS came about naturally after Rostam discovered an old voice memo on his phone. It’s rare that that happens for me—I’m always collecting ideas on my […]


Track Review: Pouty – Sad

California sweethearts deliver a track full of glamoured up qualms about anxiety White women singing about feeling sad and suicidal? Well that’s new. Whilst this may be something we’ve came to know (and get sick of) with Lana Del Rey, it would be harsh to say that Pouty are trying to rip her off in any […]

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An Ode To Bowie

As the sad news of Bowie’s passing rocks the musical landscape, I give my two cent on the loss of a true genius It’s not often I’ll address the death of a musician on this site. Whilst I’ve witnessed many artists sadly pass away, I never feel like I can properly express my respects for […]

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