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Straight Outta Drongan: An Echo Valley Interview

Ayrshire band Echo Valley tell all from Limmy jokes to the challenges of musical image It’s a Thursday night and as most people are heading home from uni and college to get ready for student nights out, I’m sitting at a bar table with Liam and Shaun McCluskey. The bar, to be specific, is none other […]

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Captain America: Civil War trailer reaction 

  It’s been four months since the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 2 ended with an ironic big bang as Ant-Man managed to make the ridiculously named superhero somehow cool, in no small part to Paul Rudd playing the titular character. We’ve had plenty time since then to reminisce about how all the movies in this […]

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Rewind: Best Of 2014

2014. What a year. It may have the blockbuster nature of 2013 but that’s what made it all the better as new artists that were previously unknown to the masses made a name for themselves with some of the most impressive records in their retrospective genres. That’s not to say that there wasn’t any big […]

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Top 5 Peep Show Moments

For a lack of a better term, Peep Show is generation defying. While most would point out something like Friends or even Game of Thrones would usually be the first guess, the unlikely successful sitcom introduced us to Mark (David Mitchell) and Jeremy (Robert Webb), the most loveable pricks on television. Nowadays it’s hard to […]

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First week with Fallout 4: A Sorta Review

Foolishly enough, I was planning on reviewing Fallout 4 for some point this week. Obviously not the full game but I hoped to have at least finished the main campaign. Over 20 hours in and I’ve not even scraped the surface of Bethesda’s massive and weirdly beautiful post apocalyptic world so instead of trying to […]

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Frank Turner @ Barrowlands Review – 13/11/2015

Barrowlands. Undoubtedly the greatest venue in Scotland, arguably the world,it’s hosted so many acts, ranging from The Smiths to the Foo Fighters, that just adjacent to the venue is a pathway listing all the bands who have came to Glasgow to play here. It’s a career defining venue with many home grown acts like Biffy Clyro playing […]

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