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Halloween 2015: The Best Creepypastas! 

Halloween is fast approaching. Time to drench yourself in blood (hopefully fake) and get your spook on. Just like a male MP thinking about tampons, this time of the year is full of horror, whether it be watching Nightmare On Elm Street for the 50th time or drinking so much that your liver is no […]

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Biffy Clyro: Fan Favourites!

Originally posted last December to tie in with their trio of special Barrowland gigs, this post started off as a list of my favourite albums until I thought of something better: asking every other biffy fan for their favourite! Although it was possibly the hardest question any of them could face, there was a great […]

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Star Wars Battlefront Beta impressions 

In news that will surprise no one, I love Star Wars. Ever since I was a youngster, lying on the couch watching the original trilogy on VHS, I’ve always had an attatchemnt to George Lucas’ epic saga. That’s what made purchasing the original Star Wars: Battlefront games on PS2 so easy. You have the rebels […]

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Sweet White gig w/ Monet EP review 

As I walked into the Edinburgh venue Peterhead band Sweet White were playing at, there was an overwhelming sense that something wasn’t quite right. “It looks like something out of Twin Peaks” quipped frontman Jake Cordiner as the band to prepared to go on stage. As they began to play, the same amazing surrealism that […]

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Antique Pony – Unalbum review

It seems like I never grow tired of going on about local and upcoming bands. Whether it be my fanboying of Codist a few weeks back after seeing them for the first time at The West Of The Moon or the raving review I gave Sweet White in my first and only (so far) blink […]

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