The Revival of Vinyl

Just like the weather, music is unpredictable by nature. If it were to abide by a set of rules then many of the greatest artists the world has ever known wouldn’t be around as every song would be a bland rehash of another. The same can be said in the way that music is produced. […]

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Day Four-ked Up 

Four days. That’s how long I lasted with being vegetarian. If my respect for anyone who is vegetarian wasn’t already high then it’s pretty much sky rocketed due to this week. Vegans? Well if you ignore the ones who can compare the holocaust and rape to the meat industry then my respect is even higher […]

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Jenny Day 4

i was planning on writing an article about dealing with a night out and the inevitable hunger the next morning bUT JENNY DEATH JUST DROPPED  SEE YIEZ LATER

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Day 3

As I write this, I’m on what feels like my 500th can of energy juice this week. Since starting this diet (if you even want to call it that), I’ve found myself feeling tired far more easily than I used to which for college nights is great. No more nights spent watching countless YouTube videos […]

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